August News

August News

Hi All

I hope you have all had your room newsletters? as we have tried to get back to some sort of normal this month. I know the girls are trying to put as much information on them as possible regarding topics and the room staff, as it feels so long since parents have been allowed inside the setting.

Can I just remind all parents that you do have to wear a mask on drop off and collection unless you have a valid exemption certificate to show to the staff. We seem to be seeing higher numbers  of covid 19 in and around the area so we must stay safe.

This month we say farewell to our preschoolers, who are hopefully moving on to start school in September, we wish them all, good luck in their new ventures. Pre school have worked all month on transitions with the children. We have pictures of the local schools up on the walls, the uniforms, and some of the teaching staff also, so we hope it has eased some of their concerns and worries.

We would like to ask you to provide some pictures of you and your child during lockdown ? what activities did you do, where did you go for exercise or walking. Lets have pictures of all the baking you did ? We are going to make a display, so please send us lots of pictures?

Parents of children turning 3 years old before 31st August need to apply for the 30 hours code from the ¬†childcare choices website. We need to verify the codes, then we can claim the funding on your behalf, don’t forget to renew your codes every 3 months also.