August Topics

August Topics

This month is all about healthy living throughout the nursery. We will all be cooking up some tasty healthy food, and the younger children will be tasting fruit and making smoothies.

Swans room will be having a disco day on the 16th August to link in with Physical development, and Caterpillar and Butterfly rooms will be having a mini Olympics in connection with the Rio 2016 games.

The older children will explore Brazil, and learn about their culture and traditions.

At this time of year we wave goodbye to a lot of our preschool children who are off to school in September, we wish them all well. We also welcome several new children to the setting, all of whom will be settling over the August period.

Just a few reminders. Please change your child’s juice cup regularly. There seems to be a problem with the tommy tippee cups at the moment, the mechanism is very difficult to clean.

Also we will be closed on Monday 29th August for the bank holiday. Enjoy what is left of the Summer !