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The Cygnet Room (0 – 12 months)

Our Cygnet Room has two qualified staff, and one nursery assistant, who care for up to nine babies in out bright stimulating baby room. Our three staff form close relationships with their babies and their families, getting to know the babies well enables them to plan interesting and stimulating activities, and to provide continuity of care while they’re away from home.

Staff are always on hand to discuss babies needs and routines with parents and will provide a daily diary with all those little details such as feeds, eats, nappies and sleeps that parents need to know. Our babies attend weekly music sessions in our toddler room, and have regular outdoor play and visits to the park.

We always have a wide range of resources available for the children to play with, which are age and stage appropriate.

The Swans Room (aged 1 to 2 years)

For our toddlers, physical development, self-awareness, free expression and social activities can be developed in our well resourced tweenie one room, and with a home corner and sensory play zone, it’s ideal for imaginative play.

Basic cookery skills, music and movement are all activities explored within our twenty-one unit.

Our qualified staff create a lively, happy atmosphere and a stimulating routine ensures personalities develop. Young minds are receptive to all kinds of ideas and we endeavour to promote activities to encourage your child to think for themselves and to use their initiative.

The nursery garden is private and secure with a multitude of outdoor toys; children are always supervised while outside. Nature projects are incorporated throughout the year at the setting, using our growing area.

The Caterpillar Room (aged 2-3 years)

Our caterpillar room is a large, bright, airy room with a door leading directly onto our outdoor space. Put in a range of activities including music lessons, music and movement, drama and cooking classes. This age group enjoys a variety of activities including drama classes from Debutots, multi-sports skills, Leaps and Bounds activity programme, visits from our animal man, and weekly cooking sessions.

The children have daily outdoor play and at least one weekly visit to the park.

At this age we are encouraging the children to have name recognition; they have their own labelled tray in their rooms and their own hat and coat peg. Our children have a computer and printer, and have access to early childhood games which encourage colours, number matching and hand and eye co-ordination.

Children are often potty trained at this age and any method that the parents decide, our staff are happy to continue with while at the setting.

The Butterfly Room (aged 3-4 years)

Our pre-school classroom is totally self-sufficient and has it’s own toilet cubicles to promote independence. At this stage, we are preparing the children for school, and we have adult and child led activities enabling the children to become independent learners.

Equal emphasis is given to all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum; observations are used to monitor each child’s progress and to plan activities to help each child reach their full potential. Most of our children go on to local schools (particularly Lindens Primary which we work closely with) and we are happy to support the transition to a school.

The pre-school room is staffed by three qualified members, one staff member having teaching status. Our pre-school children have a wide range of activities provided by the nursery, and have drama classes, dance classes, multi-sports action, Tumble Tots and theatre visits.

We also provide a wrap-around service with Lindens Nursery and collect children at 11-30am who then spend the afternoon with us at the nursery, and we also take children up to Lindens at 12-45pm who have spent the morning with us for the afternoon session at Lindens.

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