February News and Topics

February News and Topics

Our children will be celebrating Chinese new year on the 8th of Feb, and we will all be making Lanterns, dragons and experiencing some chinese foods. It is the year of the monkey, so on Monday we are asking the children to dress up as a monkey, or in red if you don’t have a monkey suite to hand !

Arts and craft activities will be around the chinese new year, as will are home corner activities, and dressing up play.

Tuesday 9th feb is shrove Tuesday, and we will be making pancakes with the children.

Caterpillar room are awaiting the arrival of some fairies to create their very own fairy garden. We also welcome San to Caterpillar room . She is taking over for Ceri who is due to start maternity leave on the 1st march. San is a level 3 Nursery nurse with several years experience.

Pre school will continue with their tennis lessons with Dan, the children are really enjoying this activity, and their French lessons too.

We have had some new astro turf laid in the garden so the children can play on the lawn. It was very muddy before, and not always practical to play on, we have also added a washing machine to our mud kitchen, which the children love to load with sheets.

Babies have had new high chairs which recline, and move up and down. They are also very padded for added comfort at meal times.

Our drama sessions are going well, the children play a full part in these sessions, and display superb listening skills.