June News

June News

It looks like summer has arrived !!! Please make sure you send in your little ones with a hat and suncream, and it would help if we could keep their cream in their draw at the nursery. Please let the girls know if we can do this ?

We have ordered the air con units, they will be with us tomorrow.

As some of you may already know¬† some of the staff have changed rooms today, and this will be for the foreseeable future. This is due to 2 staff members having children at the setting, and these children moving into their parents rooms. We don’t allow staff to work with their own children , so the staff members have had to move rooms. Zoe our deputy manager has moved into out caterpillar room, and Lisa from the swan room has moved back into pre school. Charlotte and Molly have moved into Swan room also, and Lillie is now in Caterpillar. You will be notified if your key worker has changed.

Today has been lovely in our garden area, we have had a paddling pool out, which the children have loved. Let’s hope the weather continues. We have also had a delivery of caterpillars today, which we will put into our caterpillar nets, and watch them as they grow and change into Butterfly’s. The children are so excited.

We are hoping that the lockdown will be lifted on the 21st of June, and then we can issue dates for parents evenings at last!

The June news letters have gone out with all the date’s on for this month and the themes, so please ask the team if you have not had one yet ?

And just to advise you that we have had a few cases of chicken pox in the setting recently, so please be vigilant for the signs, high temp , loss of appetite , and the dreaded spots.