March News

March News

Hello to Spring, and we start Spring with a busy month of activities.

Today of course being World Book Day, and how wonderful all the children and staff look , dressed up as their favourite book characters, well done everyone.

We have St Patricks day on the 17th March, and the children will be doing lots of art work, no doubt in green !

Spring Officially begins on the 20th March, which is also world Frog Day !

Mothers day is on 22nd March, and the children are already busy making special presents .

I know some parents have been concerned about the CCTV letters that went out. We sent these out to gain parents opinion on the back of a suggestion made by one parent. The response came back an overwhelming NO, which I am pleased about, but we do like to gain opinions from you all, so NO we are n to installing CCTn in the rooms.

We are also trialing a different approach in the evenings around collection time. We find the children get very distracted at this time, due to several parents in the room awaiting feedback. We felt the children were not able to concentrate on any tasks, and some  where becoming upset. So we are asking you all to enter the rooms, one at a time, and if you see a parent is in the room , please wait in the corridor. Some times we have confidential information to share with a parent, and this allows us to do that in a safe manner.

Parents remember to renew the codes for the 30 hours, or indeed apply for your code now for after Easter.

This month we welcome Leah and Harjinder to the nursery. Both ladies are fully qualified and will be working full time.

And Lisa, from pre School, has given birth to a healthy son named Harley, we are so happy for her and her family , and look forward to meeting Harley soon.